Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stumbling and Bumbling

After 3 weeks of traveling, I return home to be hit by the flu. Days of fever and coughing and aches and throbbing and lack of sleep – probably no more than an hour at a time to be followed by 30 minutes of coughing and hopelessness. The jumpstart I was hoping for to continue onward with E2 dissipated into delirious haze.

And I dreamt.

In those short bouts of sleep, my unconsciousness ran rampart. I had dreams of castles in clouds of silver. I dreamt of murder and suspects. Long involved chases and gardens filled with flowers. I saw old friends and we laughed and talked.

And one early morning I awoke with another chapter of E2 written.

I do not mean I dreamt that I wrote a chapter, as if I was viewing it from afar. No. I actually wrote a specific chapter of my novel in the dream. I saw the words as clearly as I would see them on the laptop screen I’m staring at in front of me right now. The entire 5,000+ words of the chapter, all in my head, mapped out in detailed, repeated over and over in an endless cycle: edited, refined, encapsulated an amazing breakthrough for which I had been waiting.

All bow before the creativity of a cooked brain.

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  1. All my thesis breakthroughs have come to me in my sleep... I don't see the words, but I wake up and have the whole thing mapped out in my head. Depressing to think our brains won't even stop in sleep... But useful!

    And welcome back :D