Friday, July 22, 2011

Whoops ... I Should Know Who I'm Talking About

Concerning my previous post about novels I couldn't finish (here), I happen to write:
... The Good and the Ghastly by … er … somebody (sorry) ...
The author's name escaped me while I was typing and I was too damn lazy too look it up. Well, guess what. Someone else wasn't too damn lazy to let me know.

So who took the time to remind me about the author's name? James Boice! That's who! Oh yeah, he only wrote the damn book.

He emailed:
"The Good and the Ghastly by, er, somebody"? That's by me, sucka!
So there you have it ... even a hack like me can get called out by the big guns.

Sorry there James Boice. Next time I talk about your writing (or anyone else's I suppose) I'll have the courtesy to name names.

Of course, I have to give Boice's novel The Good and the Ghastly another chance now. I mean, otherwise I come across as a real schmuck.

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