Saturday, July 2, 2011

Too Much Personal Information … My Writing

Okay, the title of this post can apply to two parts of my life right now.

The most obvious one is BoTS … is my collection of short fiction too personal? Will those who know me read too much into it all? (It’s an important question because I expect only those who know me will read it at all.)

BoTS is personal, but not in the way most readers might suspect. It is not meant to be an factual representation of my childhood (and beyond when the other parts come out). It is merely a reflection of some things, wishful thinking on others, pure fabrication of a lot, and a hint of the truth.

Ah, it’s that hint of the truth that matters, I suppose. What is true and with is not? How do I really feel?

My answer is simple: Who cares? I am no more represented by my characters than a singer is represented by her song or a painter is represented by his model. Art is a carnival mirror. It shows you back whatever you care to focus on.

So is my BoTS too personal? Of course it is. But not in any way that I can possible explain.

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