Friday, July 15, 2011

Based on a True Story Part One and Part Two … Finished

Today, I’ve finished editing BoTS Part Two. And by “finish” I mean I can’t do any more. I could rethink and nitpick and change a dozen tiny different things forever. That part of writing is never done, because there is always another word, another way of phrasing, another perspective. I could drive myself crazy by second guessing it all.

So, I’m through. Complete. That’s it.

After formatting it, I uploaded the file about 30 minutes ago. BoTS Part Two joins its sister BoTS Part One. Both of these will be available for purchase very very soon. Obviously, Part One a bit sooner than Part Two because it has a 3-week head start.

Releasing these two projects is strange … knowing that I need to walk away and stop fretting. They are as good as I can make them and that simply has to be good enough. I’ve reached a point where I can no longer accurately judge their worth.

Separately, each of the short stories in these two collections is brief and unique. Hopefully powerful. Yet, the true test will be when, taken as a whole, each story builds and overlaps and merges into a complete world. My ultimate goal is to have the reader witness an entire life without even realizing until he/she closes the back cover on Part Four.

Well, that’s my hope.

As for the immediate future, I plan to officially roll out a group of publishing announcements, links, celebration emails, details, and all that other junk at the end of August 2011. So, keep a lookout for the emails and posts. Get those spam filters up and running. And hide your wallets. You have been warned.

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