Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Brush With Fame ... Sort Of

Well, well, well.

After being called out by a well-published author (here) a couple of days ago, I've yet again hit the big time. By big time, I mean a random 2 minutes of fame that is meaningless. Something our society is making more and more common.

So, my 2 minutes is from "Books on the Night Stand", which is a podcast about books and reading. It's hosted by two great people, Ann and Michael who work for Random House but talk about any book they find interesting. The short half hour podcast is fun and free. Can't beat that combination.

Anyway, I wrote them an email for one of their shows. It seems my response was good enough to be read aloud. That's sort of cool. Both as a listener and as a writer. But also because it's nice to hear positive feedback on my thoughts and plans ... even if that feedback comes from strangers. [Can talking heads ever be strangers after 6 months of listening?]

Here is the edited version of my brush with fame, which came at the beginning of the show.

Now, if there is only a way I can figure out how to make money from this. ha.

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