Thursday, July 21, 2011

3 Days of Nothing

I haven’t written anything in the past 3 days.

Not that I haven’t thought about it. Every night I mentally set my schedule to get cracking on E2. Then the next day I sort of mope around, bored but not wanting to do anything either. Hours pass by and suddenly that night I realize “Whoops, nothing written again.”

Part of the problem is that I just finished up BoTS Part 2, and there’s that moment of exhalation and exhaustion when a project’s done. It’s like I need a few days of rest before I keep slogging on.

Another part of the problem is the restructuring of E2 itself. The plot is the same as always, but what I thought was going to be the first chapter has inspirationally expanded and fragmented into numerous sub-chapters. Sort of like tiny intermissions between the core chapters. I’ve decided what’s important in this novel, unlike most other sci-fi novels I’ve read, is not the plot or the science. It’s not even the characters, per se. It’s something deeper.

I’m exploring the concept of philosophical sci-fi. It’s not a new idea of mine, but more mimicking the genre of older, classical science fiction writers. Sure, the plot and characters and science will be there. But what really interests me is our need to explore, to decipher, to deceive, to love, to sacrifice. Where does all that come from? How does it define who we are as humans?

Well, that’s the idea anyway.

So, that has me a bit hesitant. I need the core chapters – those scenes that take place on the ship – to be of a certain style. The ones I’ve written fit perfectly within that scope. It’s the other chapters – the ones that sort of explain the concept and origin of this trip – that need to be different. Therefore, I’m experimenting with formatting and perspective. Not sure how that’s going to work out.

All this is running through my head. No wonder I’m sort of stuck right now. Probably thinking too much. Need to write more.

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