Thursday, June 2, 2011

One Down

Well, the first draft of Chapter 8 is done.

It’s only the first draft and comes in at just under 5,000 words. I’m not completely happy with the length or some sections of the beginning, but it’s a good start. The changes I made (as discussed here) worked out very well. The whole concept of this chapter is much improved.

As part of this project, each chapter is meant as a stand-alone work. Therefore, after letting this sit for a few days (while moving on to another chapter), I plan to revise/edit the piece and then submit it as short-fiction to some prominent online sci-fi mags.

It’s all part of the master plan. This chapter happens to work very well by itself – any of the background info or previous actions (that would be part of reading the previous 7 chapters) do not play a huge part of what goes on. In fact, the small missing pieces create an aura of mystery, and that works especially well for short works.

Now, I have the other 9 chapters left to do… ah easy.

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  1. I know the type of writing that I'm working on is very different from yours, but I am also trying to follow the idea of having each chapter stand on its own. I'm keeping in mind that the reviewers of my thesis will probably not read the entire thing - so each chapter - particularly the introduction and conclusion of each chapter - has to be focused and have an impact. Of course there still has to be a cohesive story-line that runs through the whole piece of writing (something I'm still struggling with) but overall, having each chapter be strong and independent is what I'm focusing on at the moment.