Saturday, June 18, 2011

Quote of the Moment: Fiction vs. Reality

I think I read as a child to escape. Now I read as a sort of mental transcendence to another time or place, not so much because I hate it here, but because I think there is so much more than the world around us.

The reason I write is to help pass along the joy.

J.L. Wall complicates the idea of reality and fiction:

Fiction doesn’t present the unreal; it presents the possibly real, something balancing precariously between the real and the non. (This holds, it should be said, for fantasy, science fiction, and other “genres” as well as in realistic or literary fiction; they just go about it, as is the case in variation between individual works, in different ways.) We empathize with fictional beings not despite their unreality, but because of their possible reality.

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