Monday, June 13, 2011

Earth as an Idea

I’m sort of in quicksand with my sci-fi novel E2. Not really stagnant, as in a typical writer’s block (which I’ve never had), but more struggling with how to say what I want to say. Every time I think I know which direction to head, I find myself sinking back down to the beginning.

Here’s the main question before me:

         I wanted to summarize Earth – as a planet, as a home, as human society, as life in the
         universe – in a 45-minute speech …what do I say?

So, I sit in front of my laptop and have all these thoughts race through my head. I would want to talk about the joy of adventure, right? And love? And despair? Or would I focus on Earth as the giver, where no matter what, life in one form or another continues? Would I avoid all the horrible atrocities? Or not? Would I talk about the environment? Or politics? Or the human need to belong? What about fear? Inventions? Nature as an uncontrollable force? The noises? The smells? How silk feels against your naked back? How much fun it is to touch lips? The seasons, with different lights and shadows and ranges of colors? The destruction of it all through greed? The hope of some last gasp chance to pull us away from the brink? The belief that it’s all a gift?

I only have 45 minutes. I can’t cover everything. So I need to boil this long, long existence down to the kernel of what our planet, our lives, really mean.

Yeah, I’m a bit stuck.

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