Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I’m a mere couple of hours away from uploading BoTS (part one).

And yet, I’m wondering if sidestepping the traditional publishing route – research, submissions, cover letters, vetting, rejection, acceptance, waiting – is the right move.

Here’s the underlying question: Is self-publishing an ebook an admission of a lack of talent?

Or more bluntly: Oh, he has to self-publish because no respected editor/publisher would dare print this poorly written drivel.

Yeah, I suppose that’s possible. There’s an awful lot of awful out there in the ebook world. Anyone (and everyone!) can upload a file and say, “Look! I’m published! I know. I’ve been researching this for a few months.”

So, I may very well be self-publishing as a form of surrender, after 3 decades of on-again off-again writing. Is this my personal “I give up!” to the publishing industry?


But then again, I take the craft of writing serious. I’ve always hated the business side of this profession. Even in my mild successes, the time and energy I spent to weave through the outdated maze of the publishing industry was amazing. All that is changing now. Authors, hard-working and determined, can now sidestep that filter and offer works directly to readers. At a fraction of the cost.

In many aspects, this is an experiment. My writing is a little unconventional anyway. So it only makes sense for me to take a slightly offbeat route to gain exposure and readers. Because in the end, for me, it’s all about reaching people.

I write to be read.

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