Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And Now For Something Complete Different

One of the wonderful perks of teaching is summer vacation. And it’s here! Three months of glorious free time. Paid in advance. Aaaaaah. Let that just sink in.

This also marks a change for my writing schedule. While teaching, I was putting in about 5 hours a week towards E2. Part of that was my other responsibilities and part was my laziness. But now … having the whole day open … I plan to up that to 15 hours/week. Maybe more.

However, not all that time will be spent on E2. This past week, I was hit with (yet again?) another inspiration about a past novel. What bugged me about my Memphis novel was its core plot and characters. It was meant to be a thriller/suspense , but frankly bored me – which makes me wonder what it’d do to any readers. Then… Bing! I’ve mentioned before that the parts of this novel I love are the childhood/family/relationship flashbacks. They are real. They mean something. Some of them have been published in online literary magazines a few years ago. And they are fundamentally better writing than the main sections that move the plot along.

So my inspiration is simple: I need to totally trash the main story of the Memphis novel. It’s something I’ve clung to for over a decade, off and on. Yet, it doesn’t work.

In its place, I’m now producing 2 collections of short fiction:

Based on a True Story:
Family and Childhood 

Based on a True Story:
Love, Hate and the stuff in between

I’m taking those parts I love from the Memphis novel (written, rewritten, edited many times, and (some of them) previously published) and sorting them into the 2 groups. I’ll be adding some new stuff and some other unpublished shorts. The 2 compilations will be available the end of July.

Let me say that again for emphasis: I will be digitally publishing these two collections of my short fiction the end of July.

It’s so weird to be writing that. To think that my work will be available is … inspiring in many ways. Even though a handful of these shorts have already been published online, it’s different now. They’ll be together and packaged. They’ll have my name on the front. I’m so eager to work on finalizing the presentation and editing. I’m a bit thumpity-thump.

I’ll still be working on E2 during all this time, too. Its publication date is still tentatively set for Sept. Time to finally get these things done and out there. I’ve got 5, maybe 6, people eagerly waiting. I can’t disappoint my public.


  1. Are you referring to 10 minutes as your Memphis novel? If so, I'm interested to see which sections you select and how you merge them together.

    It wasn't a boring novel. You're too critical about your own writing - but then maybe all writers are that way?

  2. You know, you're right. I really need to post the titles of my novels (and maybe a brief synopsis and current status) to help clarify. I'll do that tonight.