Monday, May 16, 2011

Novel Progress Update

After about a week (actually approx 9 hours of writing), I’m just shy of 1500 words.

Time for the math:

1.      That’s 166 words/hour … or 2.7 words a minute. Am I typing with my toes?

2.      Ten chapters total. An estimate of 60,000 words for the entire novel. (Maybe more. Maybe less.
    But close enough.) That means I’ve written 2.5% of the whole project.

3.      Total estimation of when I’ll finish the first draft: 360 hours.

4.      Estimate income when digitally published: $30.00.

5.      Wage: 8.3cents/hour.* Someone call the Feds.

It’s a start, I supposed.

*this assumes I don’t spend another 360 hours editing/revising. Yeah, right!

1 comment:

  1. LOL
    Don't break it down that way! I shudder to think about the sum of all my words. I'm sure I'll be in the negatives and will have to end up paying someone to read my writing.

    Oh wait.
    I'm already doing that -- 80,000 words, 4 years of agony, and thousands of pounds paid in tuition so that 6 people in the entire world can read my writing -- and then tell me it sucks.