Monday, May 16, 2011

Negative Space

After beginning Chapter 8 of The Empty Everything, I realize something. After a month of research there is still so much I don’t know.

All my outlines, character charts, timeline, reading, note taking, plot schemes, techno research … and yet, here I am with huge holes of missing information. Gaps of continuity. Emotional voids.

What I have always found amazing in writing is how the ideas of the imagination undergo such a huge transformation when put down on paper. The scenes which flow so smoothly suddenly appear made of lead. Images that held such power come across flat. Ugh, it’s frustrating – and typically much worse at the beginning as a writer tries to find the voice of the novel.

Yet at the same time, when portions of what I plan to write just don’t work, I’m suddenly hit with inspiration … and the words flow and it reads great and sounds great and works better. Where did all that come from? Why didn’t I think of that the first go-round?

Sometimes I feel that writing is actually made up of negative space. It’s not what you put down, but what you have to remove, which creates something good from something passable.

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