Friday, April 29, 2011

Rule #3

In case you're confused, I haven't posted Rules #1 or 2 yet. I'm not even sure I have a Rule #1 or 2.
However, Rule #3 just occurred to me and it's important. It states:

I will not edit and re-edit my posts to this blog, over and over, in the name of perfection. Therefore, all posts must be written and published within the same time period.

I have to now invoke this rule, because I just spent 2 days going over my very first post to make sure it was good enough. I can't be wasting time like that. I have much better ways to be wasting my time. And I'd never get any real writing done.

So, in an effort to be more spontaneous and honest, I'm going to write and post in one single swoop. Typos be damned!

Now for all of you who think that "not getting any real writing done" is the actual purpose of this blog, Bah! I say to you.


  1. LOL - I think it's a good rule to have, especially for a blog.

    Who is it that determines what 'real writing' is? Sometimes it is those spontaneous, out-of-the blue notes that you scribble down on the back of a napkin that contain the most inspirational thoughts ... all writing is real writing ... it's just that there is some real writing out there that is pure and utter crap.

  2. I know write my post, edit it, and then publish to my blog all under 30 minutes. Sometimes less. The spontaneity is good.

  3. ha ha ha. I meant "I now write" NOT "I know write". See, I do need time to think things through.